Super Awkward Me

Funny story…I was pruning bushes in the back yard earlier this week, and I came to an exceptionally stubborn limb. Next thing I know I was standing there shaking my head dazed and trying to figure out what hit me…?!

…it was me…

I punched myself in the face! I don’t know if any of you have ever been punched in the face, but it hurts! And it doesn’t just hurt your face, my whole brain hurt. I felt like I walked around in a fog the whole day and wasn’t able to think straight.

I tell you all this because my post punching brain fog caused me to forget about blogging on Tuesday…I even had it pretty much ready to go just had to post…but without any further delay…and yes I am fine and will be safer next time…here it is.

Get ready for me to get real with you guys…I am discovering that while I have the creative thing going for me…ALL the other facets of business are pretty challenging for me.

Building a website, writing product descriptions, setting up business plans, and networking on social media have all been pretty challenging for me.

My latest discovery is that face to face networking is very challenging…and I mean very very challenging…for me…I’m so awkward!

I had a couple of encounters with people where I had amazing opportunities to pitch Frippery House and network with people who could really help me get my jewelry into the local market in a really great way…and I was just weird..awkward…and super lame…maybe they’ll just chalk it up to me being an eccentric artist.

Let me give you one scenario…I walked into a cool local business…in the hip newly renewed part of town..and I’m checking out all their stuff and chatting with the friendly…and super kind…owner when she asks what it is I do for a living and I say ,”I make jewelry.” That’s it, I just throw it out there, I don’t engage her in a convo, I just kind of say it.

So, then she asks “Is that necklace one of yours that you’re wearing” or something like that. And I awkwardly reply that yes it is…and then in an instant, every insecurity I’ve ever had…primarily ones having to do with creating/failing/not being cool…flood into my mind and suddenly the whole interaction went from lovely to TOTALLY awkward because I realize that it’s been several seconds and all I’ve said is yes. And that while I was able to have a very pleasant conversation with her about other things, as soon as it switched to Frippery House I got weird.

So I spend the next 5 min wandering the store trying to decide if buying something would make it all less weird. Before settling on just saying nice to meet you and goodbye…because let’s be real, I don’t have money to buy anything other than supplies to make more jewelry…to her credit this super awesome store owner totally redeemed the convo and gave me business cards and told me to contact her when I’m ready to wholesale before I left.

So…this week’s goal is to branch out and have conversations…with new acquaintances…about Frippery House.

Here’s to hoping that this girl’s awkwardness is redeemable!



6 thoughts on “Super Awkward Me

  1. jminayeva says:

    hahaha well you got a wholesale inquiry didn’t you!!! i for suuuuure feel like a fish out of water with other people in the industry… and even 5 min ago I’m staring at my computer, thinking about buildout, and thinking- I have no idea what I’m doing. can i just make drinks cuz project management, woodworking, building things is not my forte at all… sigh… we’ll make it through right?? 😉

    on a more serious note, i stumbled across is 32:17 the same day i had an awkward encounter and needed a recentering… =] ooo and i love that get real picture!!! haha you ARE cool and hip katie!

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  2. Monahannelore says:

    Yes, that’s me too. I stumble during opportunities like this maybe because I am not sure I’m good enough, maybe because I’m afraid I might come across as mercenary–trying to get paid for a skill or talent I have, maybe I’m just introverted and feel awkward after I’ve turned a conversation around to talk about me and what I do. But look what happened for you. It worked out! You got the opportunity to showcase your jewelry at this shop. That’s wonderful! I suspect next conversation you have like this will be less awkward. 🙂


    • Katie Dizon says:

      Thanks so much for reading! And it’s good to know that I’m not alone in my struggle with this.

      Isn’t it such a strange thing how we can simultaneously have enough confidence in our ability to do something to step out in it, yet also feel so insecure in that same ability?

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  3. Monahannelore says:

    Yes it is strange. So, maybe if we focus on the Giver of the gifts and how He believes in us, we can move more boldly. After all, you’ve heard the expression, “God doesn’t make junk.” 🙂


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